Our Work

HealthIT teams help solve some of VUMC's most complex issues, applying our ingenuity, diligence and technical knowledge. Below are overviews of some recent challenges met by HealthIT. The team is truly "powering excellence" at VUMC.

Linking Patient Experience to Organizational Outcomes

The standard survey vendor tool provided narrow visibility for VUMC team members into deeper data points and limited ability to track the relationship between organizational initiatives and their impact on patient experience. HealthIT constructed a "survey" data model to examine patient experience metrics and link them to clinical data within eStar. Learn More

Creating a Paperless Clinic

Various paper-based forms were in use by the front desks of Vanderbilt Health clinics, creating a poor patient experience and duplicated entry of patient-provided information into medical record by clinicians, intake staff and patients. A close partnership between HealthIT and clinic leadership means patients can now complete electronic forms at home via My Health at Vanderbilt or in the clinic on a sanitized tablet, facilitating collection of data into eStar before the clinic visit. Learn more. 

Preparing for & Responding to COVID-19

The  rapid spread of COVID-19 through U.S threatened to overwhelm VUMC’s capacity to assess and care for patients suspected of or diagnosed with the virus. HealthIT teams customized and created integrations among various technology-based tools, including eStar, My Health at Vanderbilt and Zoom, to assess, communicate with, and care for patients who have, or may have, COVID-19. Learn more. 

Enhancing User Experience of Provider Time Away (PTA) Tool

Low usage rates of Provider Time Away (PTA) app by clinicians provided little visibility for leaders into compliance with institution-wide policy regarding re-scheduling of patients. HealthIT teams implemented more user-friendly features, added behind-the-scenes logic, and established an integration with schedules in eStar to improve effectiveness and adoption of PTA. Learn more. 

ICU Liberation Bundle

Best practice for critical care patients recommends that the care team review data from the ICU Liberation Bundle, but existing eStar documentation made analysis difficult. HealthIT built a customized report within eStar that facilitates a holistic review by the care team of all elements in the ICU Liberation Bundle. Learn more.

Online Scheduling for New Patients

Patients new to Vanderbilt needed to be able to self-schedule online, but existing rules were clinician-specific, complex and varied greatly across VUMC. HealthIT leveraged an integration between My Health at Vanderbilt and eStar to execute complex backend logic, but present a seamless experience for patients. Learn more.