Our Work

HealthIT teams help solve some of VUMC's most complex issues, applying our ingenuity, diligence and technical knowledge. Below are overviews of some recent challenges met by HealthIT. The team is truly "powering excellence" at VUMC.

ICU Liberation Bundle

Best practice for critical care patients recommends that the care team review data from the ICU Liberation Bundle, but existing eStar documentation made analysis difficult. HealthIT built a customized report within eStar that facilitates a holistic review by the care team of all elements in the ICU Liberation Bundle. Learn more.

Online Scheduling for New Patients

Patients new to Vanderbilt needed to be able to self-schedule online, but existing rules were clinician-specific, complex and varied greatly across VUMC. HealthIT leveraged an integration between My Health at Vanderbilt and eStar to execute complex backend logic ,but present a seamless experience for patients. Learn more.