Product Development

HealthIT has a long history of innovation, including such transformational products as StarPanel (the predecessor to eStar, VUMC’s current electronic health record) and RxStar, one of the first electronic prescription writing applications.

The Product Development team continues this legacy. If there is a not a product on the market that meets the customer’s needs, the team can often provide an in-house developed solution. Team members work closely with Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) and the Program Management Office (PMO) to ensure projects meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

HealthIT Product Development is a product strategy, management and development shop. The team develops technology solutions to improve healthcare delivery. Its focus is on building solutions that work in new and innovative ways. They are not interested in building solutions behind closed doors. Instead, they open their doors to design, build and experiment with their customers.

They do this by developing a product and technology strategy, understanding user needs, developing fast and iterating faster, and by building long-term solutions, not quick fixes.